Name Servers And How To Link Your Domain To Your Hosting

15th May 2019 Andrei Braganza

The Domain is the easy to remember word, which is used to identify a resource / website on the Internet. For example the domain name of our website is captiverra․tech.

The Hosting is the storage space on a server, somewhere on the Internet, where the actual files of a website are stored and is identified by a set of numbers called an IP address. For example the IP address of our website is

The Name Server (interchangeable with Nameserver) helps to resolve the easy to remember domain name to the hard to remember IP address seamlessly and automatically.

So when you type in the website's domain name in the address bar of a web browser, the following sequence of events takes place:

  • The web browser captures the typed in Domain, for example captiverra․tech.
  • A DNS (Domain Name System) lookup, which is similar to a phonebook lookup is done to find the Name Servers for the domain.
  • Our Name Servers which are and are retrieved.
  • The web browser asks the Name Servers where the Hosting is located, which is the basically the IP address and is represented by the A record.
  • The Name Servers respond back with the IP address which is
  • The web browser sends a request to the IP address to retrieve the web page you are trying to browse.
  • The Hosting server sends the web browser the requested page.

To update Name Servers for your domain, log into your Domain Management Panel and find the Name Server section. Enter the Name Servers for your Hosting, similar to the image above and your website will now be easily accessible to everyone on the Internet.

One thing to note: DNS records can take around 24 to 48 hours to update, so sometimes patience is the key.

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